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Orientation Program

Free Orientation Program for CSE Preparation

Phase 1 (2-3 lectures @ 2 Hrs)

  • Why Civil Services?
  • Pre-requisites for CSE prep : Myths & Realities
  • Whether I can do it? : Assessing Yourself
  • Why do serious & diligent aspirants sometimes fail in CSE?
  • Structure of CSE/UP-PCS Exam
  • Change in pattern : the desired course correction?
  • The Right choice of optional : determinants of chossing an optional
  • Modus – operandi for ‘Mission CSE’

Journey of evolving as a welleducated person of a significate livel: Activity of Brain : Dynamics of the functioning of Left & Right hemispheres
Time-duration required? : Dynamics of Familial support
Factors responsible for ‘Reading with comprehension’ speed
Schedule and plan for a normal day
Three-pronged straregy-1.Thought Process Development- 2.Syllabi completion in time 3.Linguistic capability building

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Free Orientation Program
  • PRAYATNA – We Guide Your Efforts
Comparative analysis of various avenues of Institutional Guidance (Coaching of Lko & Delhi)
Approach and strategy for the comprehensive coverage of the 3 components of CSE preparation
PPAM – Performance & Progress Appraisal Mechanism
  • Diaries – 1. Periodicals 2. Vocal 3. Random Reflections
  • NBBL – NCERT & NIOS Books Based Learning
    & NBBT – NCERT & NIOS Books Based Test
  • BSE – Brain Storming Exercise : Marking classes interactive & activity – orientede
  • PBST – Periodicals Based Surprise Tests : Testing your Yojanas, Kurukshetras,…
  • QPR – Quarterly Progress Report : Self-assessment and assessment by PRAYATNA on Sundry parameters
  • TACS – Test After Completion of a Segement
  • PTS & MTS – Structured Test-Series Programs focussing CSP and CSM Exams
  • Interaction with the faculty : Preparation amidst personalised attention
Assessing oneself and the basic character of CSE
Landing in comfort zone with primary sources of preparation
Be cautious with secondary sources !
Faculty at PRAYATNA : Synthesis of elan & experience
Structural layout for different segments of the syllabi
  • Guranteed Selection Programs
Score 50% (on an avg) consistently in around 40 pages (to be taken in an academic calendar) constituting :
TACS – Test After Completion of a Segment
PTS – Test Series of Civil Services (Pre) Exams
MTS – Test Series of Civil Services (Main) Exams
…..and be sure of topping the list of sucessful candidates in Civil Services (IAS) Exams.
  • A word about the Personality Test(Interview) : Domains of Personality Test(PT) & Factors responsible for a good PT
  •  A brief discussion on syllabi & study materials
Primary Sources of Study and Supplementary Reference Material
Qualifying papers of Indian language and English
  • How to cherish the CSE preparation? : Managing endogenous pressures

Phase 2 (15-20 lectures @ 2 Hrs)

  • Evoluation of ba well- educated person : Learning to observe, analyze and express the milieu around us
Democracy : Meaning,facets and assessment
Development : Dimensions, Deficits & Desiderata
Education : Meaning; Maladies & remedies
Women-related issues : Gender discrimination to gender – empowerment
LPG : Liberalisation, Privatisation & Globalisation : Economic,Socio-cultural & political dimensions