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After an in depth retrospection about the trials and travails of my saga with the Civil Services Exam (CSE) preparation, I decided to enter into the field of mentoring for the same, thereby undoing a bit of my failure in attaining the ‘academic nirvana‘. The real raison d’être for PRAYATNA, however was to fill a void in the field of professional guidance with the art of scientific teaching for UPSC preparation in Lucknow. Furthermore, the PRAYATNA was thought as an honest effort in imparting the unlearning, learning & relearning exercises (needed mostly because of the faulty and fallacious education system of ours) so that a well-meaning and rationale ‘well-educated person‘ may be evolved through meticulously – designed ‘academic itinerary’. The avowed goal of PRAYATNA is to cultivate the qualities of mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgment, variety and depth of interest, ability for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity in IAS-aspirants. For us, at PRAYATNA, selection for Civil Services is not an end but a means to mobilize like-minded spirited resource–persons who may become the change – agents in variety of ways. At PRAYATNA, we’ve tried to redefine the tenets of teaching through the following guiding mantras

Art and Science of swimming can be best taught by the swimmers only. That is why we’ve empanelled as faculty only those who’ve faced CSE upto the final (interview) stage or they’ve written more than 2 Mains of CSE.

We don’t believe in stuffing the IAS – aspirants with redundant trivia just because it is very easy to do so. We focus on the need – based strategic approach so that with lesser efforts outcomes may be optimized.

We analyse the question papers of previous years meticulously before deciding what, when and how to teach. We understand that the precious time of students should not be squandered in showing off our ‘intellectual affluence’. We teach what is required NOT what we know.

We normally try to adhere to the structural layouts for almost all the segments of General Studies (in Pre as-well-as Mains) in our teaching schedule in time-bound manner. The structural layouts (See SCHEDULE for a specimen) for different segments have been prepared after carefully analyzing the previous years’ question papers of Civil Services (IAS) Examination.

We always try to zero in on the standard primary sources as study material in our guidance program. We don’t hide the authentic primary sources from the candidates just to show off our wizardry over the diversified study material. In fact, what we do to demystify the authentic source material, is to underline the important lines/segments/areas of these sources in the classroom. [We may be the only Coaching Institute in India (perhaps?) who help marked the whole of INDIA Yearbook and Economic Survey with CSP as-well-as CSM perspective].

Personal guidance and motivational counseling are sine qua non for optimization of efforts throughout the CSE preparation. The psychotherapy becomes indispensable during the trough phases of the preparation. We strongly believe that EQ (Emotional Quotient) is better than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and the candidates with normal traits like perseverance, diligence, inquisitiveness & optimism can easily decrypt the CSE code. We try to give the keys of time and stress management to the candidates in our classrooms.

We, at PRAYATNA , always affirm that the tests, more than the assessment tools, are learning tools. we use this Progress Appraisal Mechanism (PAM) in variety of ways:

  • NBBT – NCERT Books Based Tests for a holistic & multi-disciplinary foundation-laying exercise.
  • TACS – Test After Completion of a Segment for a thorough understanding of every segments of GS.
  • PTS – Test- Series program for Civil Services (Pre) Exam
  • MTS – Extensive Test – series program for Civil Services (Main) Exam.

We are the only IAS coaching in Lucknow, UP who’ve got a structural system for conducting tests for all levels of the CSE. For the assessment of the quality of these tests you may compare them with the corresponding papers from ANY (All the top-notch bigwigs of Delhi included) institution engaged in CSE preparational classes. Remember..! The Tests are one of the best learning tools for CSE preparatione

The basic hallmark of excellent pedagogy is teaching science subjects in artistic manner and arts subjects (humanities) in scientific manner. We at PRAYATNA, not only preach it but also practice it in our lectures. If you see an IITian teaching History with time-scale you will understand what we mean. We emphasize the etymology and semantics of the concepts in our lectures. We also help students to nurture the art of using mnemonics for better recollection of facts.

We neither are No.1 Coaching Institute in India nor No.1 in UP. We don’t trumpet our great success through many mega-sized hoardings.We don’t believe in the management of the results. We actually believe in honest Karma. We dedicate ourselves in simply guiding the efforts of the candidates at every stage of CSE by following (Sometimes even anticipating) the pattern of UPSC. Results are the but natural outcomes of the honest Karma. Thankfully we don’t exist on the radar of UPSC and hence we are not caught in the crossfire launched recently between the UPSC and top-notch Coaching institutes of Delhi.

Our Prayatna in redefining the tenets of the competitive guidance is bearing fruits as can be observed from the paradigm shift in favour of quality in place of established stalwarts with an iota of experience of CSE . Most of these so-called stalwarts are in this field out of compulsion NOT choice. When one chooses one’s profession by choice there is a constant urge to put passion in whatever you do, an unquenchable desire to excel and a deep hankering to compete…. with oneself. Encompassing both the extremes of schooling which can be availed in India (from beginning with a village-based Prathmic Pathshala to a reputed public school in Nainital sponsored by GOI scholarship) during my chequered academic journey, graduated in Engineering discipline from IIT-Roorkee, I’m here for a purpose after rejecting sundry career options.

The purpose of becoming a change-agent, especially in those individuals’ lives who seek to enter into Civil Services in India against all odds. Our quest to give meaning to the purpose is on….

Be a part of the PRAYATNA to impart a new vigour to your CSE preparation.

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