Academic Programs

Regular Classroom Programs

 GS Plus – Covering all the compulsory papers at all levels of Civil Services Exam

  •  250 Days’ classes @ 2-3 Hrs per day for the both papers of GS of Civil Services (Pre) Exam and Civil Services (Main) Exam.
  • 20 Classes for Essay and English Language covering the board areas of the papers.
  • APT : Entesive Coverage of various segments of GSII of CSP, viz. Basic Numeracy & data Interpretation, general Mental Ability, Logical reasoning and analytical ability, Decision-making & problem-solving.
  • NBBT : NCERT Book Based Tests for a holistic & multi-disciplinary Thought Process Development and a significant improvement in writing skills. (about 20 tests covering all humanities books from 9th to 12th)
  • TACS : Test After Completion of a Segment for a thorough understanding of every segment of GS.
  • PTS : Test-Series for Pre-Exam (about 18 – 20 tests, providing a definite factor of safety and a deterrent to wastage of time after the Pre Exam)
  • AQIP : Advance level Quality Improvement Program for GS and Essay of Civil Services (Main) Exam; Classes are held after the Civil Services (Pre) Exam.

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5-6 Months’ CSP batches for both the papers (GSI & GSII) of Civil Services (Pre) Exam
GS Mains QIP – Quality Improvement program for all the four papers of General Studies and Essay paper covering extensively for the restructured Civil Services (Main) Exam.

  • 25-30 lectures (of 2 Hrs each) for each GS Paper.
  • Regular writing practice exercises
  • Buttressed by an exclusive test-series of about 15 – 20 tests.
  • 10 – 15 Lectures for Essay paper.

Optionals – 6-8 Months’ CSM batches for Optional papers of Civil Services Exam (Public Administration, History, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Hindi Literature, Philosophy, Anthropology & Law)

  • About 120 classes @ 2 hrs per class to be covered in 5-6 months time.
  • Flow Charts & Structural Notes covering most of the areas of the syllabi.
  • QIP – Quality Improvement Program – Extensive Answer Writing Practice emphasizing the latest marks – fetching techniques.
  • MTS – Test Series for Mains Exam – 3 – 4 model question papers on the latest pattern of Mains Exam.


Special Programs


Foundation Course for Undergraduates focusing the entire gamut of Civil Services (IAS) Exam from the Pre to the Personality Test in a holistic manner in about 2 to 3 years time. The program incorporates thorough coverage of NCERT Books from 6th std to 12th std and can be joined by the 12th Passed candidates.


Regular Course for Working Candidates and the aspirants who’re pursuing their Graduation. The classes are held in evening (normally after 6 pm) and weekends. The course duration for GS Plus is about one year.



Test Series Programs (Unique to PRAYATNA)

Click here to view Civil Services_Pre Test Series 2019 

Click here to view Civil Services_Main Test Series 2019 


  • Test-Series for Civil Services (Pre) Exam (starts in Feb, on Flexi-module, demand-driven basis)
  • 18-20 Tests in all, including 3 full-syllabi tests covering both the papers (GSI & GSII) extensively.


  • Test-Series for Civil Services (Main) Exam for all the four papers of GS & Optional (Starts in July)
  • MTS (GS+) : 15-20 tests, including 3 full-syllabi tests covering different segments of all the papers of GS and Essay.
Module I : Practice and Self-assessment Pro – Assessment and discussion of upto three papers
Module II : Personal Guidance Program – Assessment with remarks of all paper – Discussion/Model answers of the unconventional ques.
  • MTS (GS+) : Practice and Personal Guidance Program
Assessment with remarks of all papers + Discussion
Model answers of the unconventional questions 7-8 tests including 2 full-syllabi tests for some Optional (History, Public Administration, Sociology, Geography & Anthropology).


Personal Guidance Programs


  • Personal Counseling for Freshers dwelling upon different facets about Civil Services Exam, viz., Choice of Optional, Study Material, Choosing apt Coaching, Suitability of the Candidate,………


  • Personal Guidance for Working Candidates focusing on specific queries and QIT (Quality Improvement Techniques) for advanced level of CSE preparation on weekend /weekly /fortnightly basis.


  • Personality Test Program for the candidates who’re to appear for the Personality Test (Interview) of Civil Services (IAS) Exam or PCS Exams of various states. The PTP includes mock interviews by a panel of experts, who’ve got the experience of facing such interviews.



  • A meticulously designed strategy focusing comprehensively on all the stages of Civil Services Exam, culminating in guaranteed selection.
  • Residential Coaching with 24×7 monitoring for 2-3 years, encompassing all the aforementioned programs run by the Institute along with the most personalized attention.
  • Lodging charges to be borne by the candidates on half-yearly basis, while guarantee-fee to be paid after the selection on the lines of a written contract to be signed by both the parties.
  • Admission to the Udaan strictly on the basis of a written test followed by an interview. A probation period of about 6 months to be taken before signing a legal contract.
  • Maximum age-limit for the Udaan is 25 years, but the candidates below 22 years are preferred.
  • Lodging charges can be subsidized for the sincere EWS’ candidates, strictly as per the discretion of the Director.