“How to crack civil services?” is the question which occupies the mind of aspirants and mentors. We, at Prayatna, have also pondered upon this question. Interestingly, the answers we have arrived at is very different from others and is therefore worth sharing for a critical examination.

Generally, it is professed that serious study of eight, ten, twelve or more hours a day is essential for someone to make it to Civils. We believe that seriousness brings boredom and is detrimental to students’ creative abilities(a must for cracking civil services). We, at Prayatna, believe in Joyous learning. We mentor our students to be sincere and not serious.Our students develop the ability to make every hour count and not to count the hours.
Generally, it is told that you need to align your thoughts in sync with government policies to fetch good marks. We, at Prayatna, believe in authenticity of thoughts and we respect an individual’s unique way of thinking. We mentor “you” to be a better “you” everyday instead of changing your identity. It is frequent in our classrooms to see students engaging with mentors and arriving at completely new dimensions of topic at hand.
Generally, it is argued that reading many books is a must for civil service aspirants. We, at Prayatna, believe that writing many pages is as important as reading. So our students read less and write more. For we believe, to write on a topic you have to digest whatever you have read, and that, we have reasons to believe, is the alchemy of success.
It is quite commonplace for big brands to advocate complete isolation from the social world and immersion in studies as mantra of success. We, at Prayatna, believe that UPSC aims toward selection of educated individuals who can act as change agents. Therefore, we encourage our students for meaningful social engagements (such as distribution of blankets in winters to those in need, debates and discussions, presenting topics in class room, participation in essay competition etc.) as complement to focused studies. For we believe, that such engagements aid in our ability to empathise and think holistically.We do ask our students to distance themselves from facebook but not from “faces” and “books”.
We invite you to come and have a feel of our ecosystem….our Prayatna family….where the joy of learning and incremental individual improvement everyday makes the preparation for UPSC a goal unto itself…..one of the reasons why many of our selected students keep frequenting us.