Why NCERT Books are indispensable for the Civil Services ( IAS/PCS ) Preparation? 👉
सिविल सेवा की तैयारी करने के लिए NCERT पुस्तकों की अपरिहार्यता क्यों ? 👉

  • for building and developing Observational skills, Analytical skills, and Expressive skills about the surrounding environment
  • for cultivating the interests & familiarity with various subjects/ topics
  • for understanding the basic concepts/ framework/skeleton of various subjects/ topics
  • for nurturing the thought process development and the linguistic capability building
  • for activating & nurturing the right hemisphere ( creative & intuitive) of the brain which has got more space & long term memory
  • for building the foundational sub-structure of the syllabi of CSE
  • for ascertaining the Optional for the Mains
  • … the least important >>> for having a significant idea about the questions asked ( directly & indirectly ) in Pre as well as Mains of CSE

🤔 Remember! NCERT Books are the most essential primary sources for the CSE Prep…. but very few sincere aspirants use these books in the spirit in which these books should be used.

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