Regular Classroom Programs

Regular Classroom Programs

GS Plus – Covering all the compulsory papers at all levels of Civil Services Exam

  • 250 Days’ classes @ 2-3 Hrs per day for the both papers of GS of Civil Services (Pre) Exam and Civil Services (Main) Exam.
  • 20 Classes for Essay and English Language covering the board areas of the papers.
  • APT : Entesive Coverage of various segments of GSII of CSP, viz. Basic Numeracy & data Interpretation, general Mental Ability, Logical reasoning and analytical ability, Decision-making & problem-solving.
  • NBBT : NCERT Book Based Tests for a holistic & multidisciplinary Thought Process Development and a significant improvement in writing skills. (about 20 tests covering all humanities books from 9th to 12th)
  • TACS : Test After Completion of a Segment for a thorough understanding of every segment of GS.
  • PTS : Test-Series for Pre-Exam (about 18 – 20 tests, providing a definite factor of safety and a deterrent to wastage of time after the Pre Exam)
  • AQIP : Advance level Quality Improvement Program for GS and Essay of Civil Services (Main) Exam; Classes are held after the Civil Services (Pre) Exam.


GS Pre – 5-6 Months’ CSP batches for both the papers (GSI & GSII) of Civil Services (Pre) Exam
GS Mains QIP – Quality Improvement program for all the four papers of General Studies and Essay paper covering extensively for the restructured Civil Services (Main) Exam.

  • 25-30 lectures (of 2 Hrs each) for each GS Paper.
  • Regular writing practice exercises
  • Buttressed by an exclusive test-series of about 15 – 20 tests.
  • 10 – 15 Lectures for Essay paper.

Optionals – 6-8 Months’ CSM batches for Optional papers of Civil Services Exam (Public Administration, History, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Hindi Literature, Philosophy, Anthropology & Law)

  • About 120 classes @ 2 hrs per class to be covered in 5-6 months time.
  • Flow Charts & Structural Notes covering most of the areas of the syllabi.
  • QIP – Quality Improvement Program – Extensive Answer Writing Practice emphasizing the latest marks – fetching techniques.
  • MTS – Test Series for Mains Exam – 3 – 4 model question papers on the latest pattern of Mains Exam.