Indian Administrative Service a dream job for Indian Youth. You’ll be part of the Govt. who play an important part in policy perpetration. You can work from outdoors and outside and change the whole system for the betterment of the life of common people. However, IAS/ PCS is for you, If you want to be part of the process of making India a great nation. Being an IAS officer, there’s a lot of occasion and power to control the system, so that you can be part of Arising India. Besides that, Civil Services is a great career option which mileage you different occasion for work. You get numerous gratuities of the job when you’re as an IAS/ PCS officer. You’ll have job security with quality and social respect along with feeling of nations erecting and making India as a great nation in the world.

Why choose PRAYATNA IAS in Lucknow as an IAS/ PCS Coaching Center?

  • The PRAYATNA IAS is one of the Best IAS/ PCS Coaching in Lucknow, which Prepare a Contemporize and effective Program for Civil Services Exam Preparation in following Patterns
  • Prelims, Mains and Interview Classes Conducted coincidently from monday to saturday.
  • Weekly Test for prelims, mains been managed along with correction work.
  • Debate and Discussion Class, conducted for Personality advancement and Communication proficiency.
  • To Command introductory generalities on different subjects NCERT learning work been managed.
  • Class work is grounded on logical approach, observation, evaluation and decision conclusion.
  • Knowledge empowering work been judged by government schemes programs, current issues, present social problems and result graces.

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